Sunday, 19 February 2012


There are a few key textures in my wardrobe that I'll always add to despite current trends:


Leather (whether faux or real)

Fur (likewise)


All of these pair magically with each other, and equally go with any day to day other materials such as denim and chiffon. The best part is, they can all be dressed up or down whether it's to go out for a fancy dinner, afternoon tea, or just a casually fabulous shopping trip...

Today I'm looking at knitwear, as over the last year or so, my friends and I have seemingly bankrupted ourselves in the Topshop knitwear department! Luckily for us Brits, we can wear them throughout winter to spring - possibly summer depending how typical our climate is!

So, although it sounds simple enough - knitwear goes with anything - you still need to choose carefully, as there is a lot of hideous knitwear out there! 

First of all is fit. Generally loose fitting is my preference, that way you can get a slouchy feel whilst paired with certain bottoms and shoes, you can still look wonderfully fabulous and even glamourous if you accessories just right. If you go for a tighter fit just be careful of your're always teetering dangerously on the edge of frump if the item is too bland or the wrong weave or neckline. 

I've created some knitwear outfit sets on 

Casual evening outfit:

Mix a cute pink cropped jumper with an ultra feminine and pretty double layer and length chiffon skirt and heels for a simple but elegant casual evening look. Add some co-ordinating Folli Follie jewellery to compliment the bright colours of the jumper.

Mix up your day wear:
Pastels are going to be huge this spring, and my favourite way to wear knitted jumpers is with shorts, another of my wardrobe treasures. Keep those military boots out because they're still going to look great this year with everything that's pretty trending - the juxtaposition will be a great way to mix it all up. Butler & Wilson jewellery adds just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit and the skull pendants compliment the military boots either side of the girly shorts.

If you're not feeling the pastels this season...

If you're wondering what to do before spring hits in these late winter days, why not stick with the denim but mix a deep red or burgundy with jeans, I love to wear ripped jeans with my knitted jumpers as again it makes a good combination of shabby meets chic! Add brogues and roll up the jeans a bit to show a sneak peak of ankle in anticipation of those warmer days!

This is all just my style, mix up knitwear however you fancy. I can't leave the house without throwing on a lot of jewellery... I feel naked without it! But again, that's just me, it's easy to rock the knitwear look without it.

Stay tuned for my next few blogs on the other texture pieces in my wardrobe and how to wear them to any occasion!

If you like any of the items you see here, find all the sets and details of the items on my polyvore page.

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