Monday, 6 February 2012

What is it?

Exactly. What is it? It's not just clothes, or any one thing for that matter. If you do it right it's who you are. And by that I don't necessarily mean it's something you can do wrong, unless of course, it doesn't show you in the correct light or doesn't represent the person you are underneath. By all means let it shape you, but don't falsely imprison it. Ultimately, styles are the tactile, manmade snowflakes that belong to each and every one of us... no two are the same, and no matter what you do, you'll never grasp someone else's and keep it for yourself.

Like I said, it's more than just clothes. For starters think of all the words that can precede style: Fashion style, hairstyle, lifestyle, make up style, decor style... hell, we even have relationship styles. It's a never ending, ever changing thing. That's what's so great about it, you don't get the chance to get bored, and with any luck your style will grow and grow.

The choices we make define who we are. Now I'm not just talking about the superficial things here such as fashion and the little things some of us create our lives around. I mean the attitude we take at school, what path we choose to venture down when we leave school, whom we choose to spend our lives with, and most importantly, what we choose to do with our lives. The people around us play a huge role in these decisions as well, sometimes unbeknown to us as it's embedded in our minds to please others.

Which leads me to my next point - I realise some people are intimidated by this idea of owning a style, and some believe they don't have one, or wouldn't know what to do with one if it was handed to them on a plate. The trick is don't be afraid. Everyone starts with their eyes and their thoughts... just do what the hell you like, you'll soon learn!

I do love clothes and fashion and all things to do with visual style, however there is more in my brain than aesthetics. And this blog shall be my ventilation!

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