Monday, 6 February 2012

Gillian Zinser

Gillian Zinser

I'm going to start light. Talk about clothes and fashion for a while. I'll leave the heavy stuff and overwhelming opinions and thoughts for the 2am idle thumb nights.

Gillian Zinser, actress, one of the more natural beautied lovelies Hollywood has to offer these days. If you recognise her it's probably from the new rendition of 90210. No, she doesn't look like your average Californian boob job killing her soul crying out for fame for fame's sake kind. That's what I like about her, because in spite of the mainstream wealth wearing styles you generally feel you ought to aspire to, this girl's got it going on - and in a wonderfully modern boho kind of way. 

And I hate hippies! So she's got to be doing something right.

Above are 3 images from last year's ad campaign for American Vintage, oddly a French clothing company that finally enabled us lot on our little island to buy from their website. Expensive basics but I really like the casual cuts and waver thin fabrics they offer. 

I think what appeals to me about her is that she's mixed pretty and alternative and created a harmonious balance between the two (something I subconsciously strive for myself). Here, the messy top heavy bun, casually defined eyes and ice lolly pink lipstick above the most platonic, non slutty showing of a breast bone I've ever seen, just makes you want to grab your bikini and head to the beach for a couple of hours' worth of that natural tan that no, won't wash off in 2-3 days.
Just a couple more to really drive my point home... 

That's one way to wear a vest without looking like a dyke... sorry ladies don't mean to offend but it's time to face facts - not everyone can pull of a tight tank, no matter how many of them we see in shops. This slightly oversized number works well here, much in the same way I like to wear them, with a bandeau top or bra casually sneaking a peak at the top of the ribs there. Although you do need to be careful, I feel underwear can be taken too literally sometimes. Why make bras in such pretty colours and patterns if nobody but your spouse can see it right before it comes off anyway? We're not all nuns, underwear can be seen and not judged! But remember I'm here to help and to be brutally honest - learn your size and shape and dress for it. Nobody's the same dimensions as that glossy Topshop mannequin in all sorts of unsightly positions! 

I'm enjoying the navaho sweater mixed with - shorts - I'm assuming... it will be a nice way to take the aztec craze we've all bought into over the winter through to spring and summer. Let's face it, this is Britain, we can never truly pack away our winter warmers! Best to cut our losses and just take some layers off!

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