Friday, 4 May 2012

Tuxedo Night

I very much dislike jobs with suits. Mainly I dislike some of the arrogant, conceited, judgmental men that lie beneath them. It may seem like a horrendous sweeping statement, and I very much doubt that all suit-wearers are quite so awful. 

If it's a really nice suit and you pull it off fabulously and offer none of the above characteristics... I forgive you.

To be clear, this is pulling it off...

God bless Barney Stinson for trying to turn suits around.
Other options would have been Justin Timberlake... always a handsome brute!

However, I've had the misfortune of being scrutinised, analysed and looked down upon by several men wearing what can only be described as Daddy's suit. Being creative and striving for a living in the arts really doesn't fall into their well thought out life plans, and they cannot comprehend that I'm happy not knowing what tomorrow will bring, and that I feel life is an adventure - not a to-do list.

I therefore cannot wrap my head around women in suits... why would you do that!? Of all the delightful work outfits you could create and play with... why choose a suit? I struggle massively just putting on a knee length skirt and one million denier tights when I pretend to be a sales assistant for the day.

Now I haven't lost my brain, I'm not going to waste a blog post (and an evening) wondering how to better work an office look. A few years ago my dearest lady friend was attending a Bond party. She didn't want to be just another girl showing up as a Bond Girl, so I suggested she did no such thing and instead went as Bond AS a girl. And I didn't mean throw on a suit. Let's say for the sake of the blog that she didn't chicken out and went head first into the idea and rocked up looking nothing short of awesome and made every girl in the place kick themselves for being much less than awesome.

If tuxedos were invented for women, I think things would've gone a little differently. Next time you head out to a black tie event, wedding party or just about anywhere fancy, consider throwing caution to the wind and give that cocktail dress the boot and get some jaws grazing the floor instead.

Firstly I will say that of course Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker got there first on this one...

Also Ann Hathaway's Oscars outfit, but that was a tad on the bland side I felt. Now, I know this has been done before, but I feel us ladies haven't really pushed it over the edge just yet. I don't think it should translate as literally as jacket and trousers with some heels thrown in for good measure.

Now we're getting somewhere! This screams Fosse... I love it.

I'm only going to experiment here with either shorts or skirts. We all know how to wear a fitted, skinny, tapered, or ankle grazing trousers so I'm keeping those away from my top hat and white tie evening!

So, skirts. Too easy? Simple maybe, but so effective if you mean it to be. Here's a set I made for a Nine West competition (unfortunately I didn't win!). The idea only sprung because I was hell bent on getting a blazer and was thinking of every alternative option to wear it with besides jeans! Now I'm so in love with this combination I really wish I had a sequin skirt and a boat load of Mawi jewellery to do it myself!!

Ok, so what about shorts?

By any chance can you see my theory lies in keep it black, keep it simple and accessorise like there's no tomorrow?

I love black and I love gold. Black can so easily look invisible, and gold can so easily look tacky, but when you get it right you really can be a knockout. The hotpants are from Topshop and are the most delectable staple for any alternative going out wardrobe, I've had much use out of mine! The shoes here are just fabulous, the skulls are exactly what this outfit called for to set it off nicely.

I've wanted for a while to experiment with studded collars, cut off shirts and blazers. Here's some top variations and shorts options...

The killer part should always be the shoe...

So there you have it ladies. Keep the clothes simple. Be bold, confident and daring. Over accessorise and find the most ostentatious shoe imaginable (keeping it tasteful of course!) Perhaps even throw on a hat...

I'm now conjuring an event I can wear this look to! 

Perhaps work ;)